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In South Africa, we hold two types of Field Trial competitions for Pointing breeds, the British Breed Field Trials and the Hunt, Point and Retrieve breed Field Trials.

"British Breed" is a term used with reference to the pointing breeds developed in the British Isles, such as the Pointer (English) and the Setters (English, Irish and Gordon), and whose main function is to search, find and point gamebirds for the gun. Birds are not shot and no retrieving is required in these trials.

The British Breeds are considered to be the "specialist" pointing breeds, since they were developed during a time in which the large estates had a variety of dogs, each breed being purpose developed for a specific function. The Pointing dogs found and pointed game, and Retrievers were used to recover the shot game. Pointers and Setters played no part once the game was down, and were not traditionally used for retrieving.
Pointing Breeds
Common British Breeds in South Africa
English or
Llewellyn Setter

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Irish or Red Setter

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"Hunt, Point and Retrieve (HPR) or Continental Breeds"
are the terms used to encompass those breeds developed on the "Continent" (Europe), such as the German Shorthaired Pointer, Visla, Brittany, German Wirehaired Pointer, Spinone and Weimaraner, whose functions incorporate the retrieving of game (from land and water) in addition to searching, finding and pointing gamebirds for the gun.

The HPR Breeds are considered to be the "jack of all trades" and were developed by hunters who wanted a dog that could do everything - from finding and pointing game, to retrieving it, as well as blood tracking of larger game. These hunters did not keep kennels full of dogs, and therefore wanted a single dog that would fit their needs. The tasks of the HPR breeds therefore involved all aspects of the hunt - both before
and after the shot.
Common HPR Breeds in South Africa

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Field Trials
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English Pointer

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German Short-haired Pointer

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German Wirehaired Pointer or Deutsche Drathaar
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Italian Spinone

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